June 02, 2005

Bird flu: we're all going to die!

No nothing to do with the aftermath of the No vote in Holland Bird flu has gone off the media radar screens. That means one of two things.
  1. The pandemic threat has passed as the number of inections is now negligable
  2. It has, like car accidents, started to become so common that it is no longer 'news'.
The answer is probably a bit of both, but remember the 1918 outbreak killed more than World War 1 and since then transport, and so the speed that the dease can spreed, has sped up dramatically. However so has the rate of progress of medical science, but is it just me that remembers this? They made a complete cock up of a desease that does not affect Humans, and is non lethal to the animals that it infects. How will they cope with a desease that does affect Humans and is lethal.


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